A More Perfect Union

What we’re trying to do is change the rhetoric that is so pervasive with politics.  We want to focus on rationality.  We want to focus on what works.  We want to focus on the correct policies to help people.  We want to find candidates and politicians who support these policies.  Will you join us?

Our goal: I discuss the goal of A More Perfect Union and the dangers of cognitive biases.

Nebraska Voter Guide

Policy Posts

Reforming voting rights laws: I discuss 8 legislative priorities to help maximize voter turnout to strengthen our democracy and our communites.

The Case Against the Death Penalty: A piece discussing the problems with the death penalty as currently constructed.  This piece argues that voters in Nebraska should vote RETAIN on  the Nebraska Death Penalty Repeal Referendum on November 8th.

Reforming opioid and heroin drug laws: This piece explores our legislative priorities for reforming opioid and heroin drug laws  There are specific policy prescriptions for what should be done to help curb the opioid and heroin drug overdose epidemic.

Raising the minimum wage: This piece argues that raising the minimum wage is a political inevitability.  In this piece, most figures are based on the initial call of raising the minimum wage to $10.10/hour.

Postal service reform: This is a legislative portfolio originally created in my work for Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  In this portfolio, there are some policy prescriptions of how to reform the postal service going forward.  I also pinpoint the members of Congress who were important to this goal.

For-profit colleges: I wrote this piece about for-profit universities and the problematic tendencies that accompany them.  I fully acknowledge that not all for-profit colleges follow these same tactics.  However, this is still something worth exploring.

Reducing income inequality: A series of posts about reducing income inequality – including the Earned Income Tax Credit and paid family leave

Birthright citizenship: This chronicles the current attacks on birthright citizenship and why they are unfounded.

Election posts

These posts primarily focus on the upcoming elections either grouped together by a district, a presidential election, or a presidential primary.

The History of the Republican Party: In an effort to explain the story of the rise of Donald Trump, I am going back through the Republican Party since Barry Goldwater to show that while Trump is more outspoken, he is a natural progression of Republican Party efforts

5 Things to watch: My last two week push for the election highlighting 5 elections in each state that are worth watching.

Presidential primary:

The Republican tradition of nominating Presidents: I explore how Republican primary voters have nominated their Presidents from 1976-2012.

The Democratic tradition of nominating Presidents: I explore how Democratic primary voters have nominated their Presidents from 1972-2008.

Why I missed the rise of Donald Trump: My biggest failure was agreeing that Donald Trump would not be the Republican nominee.  I examine why I missed this rise.

Races to watch:

Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District

Wisconsin’s Senate Election 2016


This section focuses on candidates and their policies regardless of if I endorse their candidacy.  The goal is to provide information for each candidate.  I will explore candidates in greater detail as time allows.

Rewrapping the same policies: Rand Paul, Paulism, Libertarianism and the Republican Party: In this piece, I look at the policies of Rand Paul and the role of libertarianism in the Republican Party.

Better know a candidate:

Better know a candidate: Gilbert Ayala

Better know a candidate: Carol Blood

Better know a candidate: Tommy Garrett

Better know a candidate: Dan Watermeier

Better know a candidate: Don Bacon

Better know a candidate: Don Bacon

Better know a candidate: John Murante

Better know a candidate: C.J. Baricevic

Better know a candidate: Doug Owens

Better know a candidate: Jane Dittmar

Better know a candidate: Tom O’Halleran

Better know a candidate: Frank Lasee

Better know a candidate: Jim Gray


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