Better know a candidate: Doug Owens

Doug Owens.jpg

Name: Doug Owens

Current position: None

Future position: Running for U.S. House of Representatives, Utah 4th Congressional District

Political party: Democratic

Key issues:

Prevent nuclear waste from being disposed of in Utah

Supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution

Supports members of Congress posting their schedules online

Supports banning reimbursements for first class travel and trips paid for by corporate lobbyists

Supports cooling off period between being a legislator and being a lobbyist

Supports the no budget, no pay law preventing members of Congress from being paid if they can’t balance a budget

Expanding vocational education opportunities

Supports lowering tuition at community colleges and public universities.  Supports expanding access to low interest student loans.

Supports cutting taxes for the middle class

Supports eliminating the influence of anonymous dark money

Opposes the privatization of Social Security and Medicare

Supports an all-of-the above approach to energy with a goal of moving the country to a clean-energy economy

Supports committing troops to war only when there is an imminent threat to America’s national security

Strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment

Supports common-sense, data-based solutions for gun control

Supports the ACA

Would repeal the tax on employers in the ACA

Repeal the medical device tax found in the ACA

Supports Common Core unless it is found to be a federal program

Focus more on peace with Israel and Palestine

Supports humanitarian construction in Gaza

Would not have supported the government shutdown

Supports simplification of Dodd-Franks

Supports reauthorizing CHIP

Supports a program that would take the last year of high school and turn it into a free year of college

Supports the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill passed by the Senate