Better know a candidate: Gilbert Ayala

Gilbert Ayala

Future position: Candidate running for State Senator for Legislative District 5 in Nebraska

Key issues/positions:

Opposes the Employment Nondiscrimination Act

Opposes expansion of Medicaid in Nebraska

Supports school vouchers to increase “school choice.”

Opposes horse racing in Nebraska

Opposes physician-assisted suicide

Opposes the legalization of recreational marijuana

Opposes abortion in all cases – “There is no case of a child being aborted to save the mother. When a doctor is dealing with a pregnant woman he has two patients not one patient.”

Supports providing religious liberty protections for faith-based organizations

Opposes government funding for abortion and planned parenthood

Opposes raising the minimum wage in Nebraska

Opposes comprehensive sex education in all Nebraska schools

Opposes allowing students and children to use bathrooms that are consistent with their biological gender