Better know a candidate: Frank Lasee

Name: Frank Lasee

Current position: Wisconsin State Senate District 1 (2011 – present)

Previous position: Wisconsin State Assemblyman District 2 (2005-2009)

Future position:  Running for the U.S. House of Representatives Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District

Political party: Republican

Key issues:

Introduced a proposal to allow public school teachers to carry guns

Proposed cutting funding for University of Wisconsin Law School by $1 million initially and a complete removal of funding by 2010

Proposed consolidating the counties in Wisconsin

Co-sponsored the Taxpayers Bill of Rights in Wisconsin including the proposal that any increase in income, sales, franchise, or property tax rates would require the approval of voters.

Will stand up to radical Islam by calling it what it is

Supports securing the border and enforcing immigration laws

Supports balancing the budget

Supports cutting spending and providing tax relief

Supports reining in the IRS and EPA

Wants to ” promote market driven health care solutions to lower insurance premiums, increase patient choice, and enhance medical research.”


Strong 2nd Amendment supporter