Better know a candidate: Jim Gray

Jim Gray.jpg

Name: Jim Gray

Current position: Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky

Future position: Running for U.S. Senate in Kentucky

Political Party: Democratic

Interesting tidbit: His voice sounds like Rand Paul’s.


Opposes privatization of Social Security

Supports raising the revenue cap for social security.  Currently social security taxes are levied up to a cap of around $110,000.  That is the maximum amount of earnings that can be taxed for social security.  The Congressional Research Service wrote in September 2010: “If all earning were subject to the payroll tax, but the base was retained for benefit calculations, the Social Security Trust Funds would remain solvent for the next 75 years.”

Opposes turning Medicare into a voucher program.

Opposes the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United

Supports increased disclosure for campaign finance

Supports raising the minimum wage

Supports pay equity for women

Supports increased spending in government infrastructure

Supports the policy of no-fly, no -buy which would prevent people on the government’s no-fly list to be able to to buy guns.

Opposes an assault rifle ban

Supports restrictions on those who can buy guns, criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill should not be able to buy guns