Better know a candidate: Don Bacon

Don Bacon

Current position: Assistant professor, Bellevue University.  Running for Congress in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District

Political party: Republican

Future position: TBD

Key issues:

Supports a balanced budget amendment to the constitution

Opposes the Iran Nuclear deal

Opposes closing Guantanamo Bay

Pro-life: Supports the pain-capable unborn child protection act.  This bill would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks.  Supports defunding Planned Parenthood.  He also opposes any federal funding for abortions and abortion providers.

Supports a reduction in corporate tax rates to a rate of at least 25%.*

Opposes any tax increases.

Opposes a path to citizenship for those who immigrated illegally to the United States.

Supports the REINS Act

Opposes Common Core

Supports raising the retirement age for social security

Supports repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Opposes DACA executive actions made by President Barack Obama

Opposes sanctuary cities

Wants to hold employers accountable for hiring illegal immigrants

Does not support a federal minimum wage increase; minimum wage should be decided by the state.  Ideally should be set by the private sector