Better know a candidate: Tom O’Halleran


Name: Tom O’Halleran

Current position: None

Previous position:  Arizona State Senator from Arizona District 1 (2007-2009) and member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 2001-2006

Future position: Running for Congress Arizona’s 1st Congressional District

Political party: Democratic

Interesting tidbit: Changed his party registration from Republican to Independent in 2014.

Key issues:

Fully fund the Office of Congressional Ethics, provide the subpoena powers to the Office of Congressional Ethics, and more authority to investigate members of Congress.

If the government shuts down, legislators should not draw a salary while the government is shut down and salary should not be reinstated.

Calls for Congress to work 5 days/week not including fundraising

Freezing Congressional pay and Congressional office budgets

Pass campaign finance reform; increasing disclosure.  Limit the impact of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.

Prevent lobbyists from being a part of campaign organizations and finance committees.

Extend the ban on legislators from returning as lobbyists to five years.

Prevent luxury trips and from being reimbursed for first class travel.

Members of Congress would be required to disclose their official work schedule in an electronic format.

Opposes privatizing Social Security and a Medicare voucher program

Supports giving veterans medical treatment outside of the VA on the VA’s dime

Supported all-day kindergarten in Arizona legislature

Invest in vocational training

Supports immigration reform that secures the border, keeps families together, and meets the needs of the economy.

Supports the DREAM Act