5 things to watch in every state: Massachusetts

Massachusetts is kind of a boring state for federal elections.  Martha Coakley is not runnig for election this year to lose what should be an easy win for the Democrats.  Because of that, there are only three things that I’m watching in this state.

  1. Question 2: At one point, there was a war within the Democratic Party over the future of education reform.  More “neoliberal” Democrats seem to be fin favor of trying to go through education reform by using Rheeism to reform teacher unions and by extension would change the education movement.  Part of this movement would lead to the creation of charter schools to get around the teacher unions.  Republicans have often taken the charge of charter schools because they think that public education can only be reformed or fixed if the teacher unions are pushed out of the way. This question would allow for the authorization of up to 12 charter schools in the state.  It’s being spearheaded by Republican moderate Governor Charlie Baker.  And by some of the Democrats, such as Stephen Lynch.  The “Elizabeth Warren part” of the Democratic Party are strongly opposing the measure and wanting to watch Baker struggle.
  2. Question 3: This is one of the first ballot measures for animal welfare that I’ve seen in a while, if ever.  When I was in college, I remember being fired up about changing animal welfare laws.  The measure would try to prohibit factory farms and try to let animals be able to actually stand and be able to move in order for them to eventually be harvested for the sale of meat.  There would be a fine for those who violate the measure.  The biggest supporters of the measure are animal welfare organizations.
  3. Question 4: I’m so tired of marijuana ballot measures. This ballot measure would legalize recreational marijuana for individuals who are over the age of 21.  This is another measure that stands in contrast to Governor Charlie Baker. According to the polls I’ve seen, this looks like a very close ballot measure and should be one to watch.  Even if I’m sick of trying to follow all the marijuana ballot measures that are out there because I don’t think it’s very important, overall.