Wednesday’s Washingtons

Of course, the big news of yesterday was that Donald Trump decided not to endorse Paul Ryan or John McCain in their primary battles that are upcoming.  Some are trying to frame it as a test on the anti-establishment mood of voters this election year.   Only one incumbent member of Congress has lost his primary and that was yesterday with Tim Huelskamp.  In Trump’s non-endorsement, he decided to parrot Paul Ryan’s words that were used when Ryan wasn’t ready to endorse Trump. Trump continues to think that the presidency is a way to settle old grudges and for vengeance.  If McCain or Ryan rescind their endorsement of Trump now, it will look like politics as usual.  My guess is they’ll wait for the next insane thing Trump says and try to weasel their way out then.  They shouldn’t have to wait long.

Ami Bera, like most Democratic congressional candidates are going after their Republican opponents for being silent on Donald Trump.

The ACLU of Southern California found that more than one-fifth of California charter schools have “discriminatory admission policies such as illegally excluding students for having low grades or requiring parents to donate money.”

Martha McSally and John McCain hit Trump hard on his comments about Khan.

New ad buys are in the competitive Senate elections of Ohio, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.