Tuesday’s Trumans

Sorry for taking the day off yesterday. I had two crowns put in and was not feeling up to it.

Jill Stein thinks that Wi-Fi might be hurting kids.  She also is teetering on anti-vax territory.  This leaves as the only Presidential candidate who thinks there should be mandatory vaccinations. Even if you think all of that is ok, her interview with Salon was just terrible. The views expressed in that interview are extremely troubling.  I get that you may not want to vote for either of the two major political party candidates; Jill Stein is not the answer.

The brilliant Scott Lemieux has the five worst Roberts court rulings.  Spoiler: Citizens United does not appear on the list. The more important campaign finance decision is still and will probably be forever Buckley v. Valeo.

Hillary Clinton made her first appearance post-convention in Omaha to #defendthedot or more succinctly wanted to poke a finger in Trump’s eye by having Warren Buffet talk about being rich. Brad Ashford decided not to attend.

Ted Strickland had to respond to Teamsters Union endorsing Rob Portman over him in the Ohio Senate race.

Loretta Sanchez, again, made comments that she probably should not have. She said that Barack Obama endorsed her opponent Kamala Harris because they’re both African-Americans. Due to jungle primaries, Sanchez and Harris are both Democrats facing each other in the general election.  More than half of the Republican backers of Donald Trump say that they will not vote in the Senate election.