Wednesday’s Washingtons

Donald Trump was asked about the federal minimum wage yesterday by Bill O’Reilly.  The transcript makes it seem like it’s an incoherent answer to the question.

The video doesn’t make it seem any better. I honestly have no idea what his answer means.  So CNN spins it as Trump wanting to raise the minimum wage to $10/hour.

The LAPD refuses to hand over documents about mapping Muslims in Los Angeles.  Muslim advocacy groups argue that their refusal is a violation of California public records law.

Pinal County in Arizona is under investigation for policing for profit and misusing RICO funds.  Sheriff Paul Babeu is under some fire for his role in misusing the fund.  Babeu’s spokesperson thinks that the investigation is purely political.

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson who is running for the Democratic nomination for Senate in Florida has been accused of abuse.  Following that report,  Grayson had a clash with Politico‘s reporter.    Harry Reid who has a bad relationship with Grayson said through a spokesperson that he didn’t think his opinion of Grayson could get any lower but it was.

Sean Maloney, who is New York’s first openly gay member of Congress, gave an interview to South Florida Gay News.  Maloney had this to say about the upcoming election:

This is why LGBT people need to get out and vote and bring their neighbors with them. It really matters. We are going to win this because the American people are with us. We demonstrated that in last month’s majority support in the House under Republican control for a pro-equality measure, if it had gotten the fair process. We need to be demanding a democratic process, plain and simple. We need to demand a vote on things like the Equality Act. It will win if it comes to a vote, but the only way of stopping the rigging progress is to demand a vote and a fair process. [LGBT equality has] won in the court of public opinion, in corporate America, among the American people. The only people still standing in the doorway blocking progress is the Republican leadership in Washington. We need to move them out of the way.

Also said this: “It was an extraordinary couple days in Congress. Any time you’re fighting hand in hand with John Lewis, the legendary civil-rights leader, you feel like you must be doing the right thing.”

It’s a good interview, read the whole thing, etc.

One of the things not getting a lot of attention is the Democratic platform plank to abolish the death penalty.