Thursday Teddy’s

Representative Ann Kirkpatrick is calling for term limits in her first campaign ad.  She is running against Senator John McCain.  She wrote an op-ed calling for the same thing in an effort to “fix” Washington.  She writes in her op-ed:

They’re tired of politicians who care only about their next election, their special-interest donors or their cushy lobbying job down the road. And they’re angry because hard-working Arizonans are the ones who suffer the consequences.

That kind of self-interest keeps us from passing common-sense reforms to keep suspected terrorists from buying weapons. That kind of self-interest has shut down the government and cost our local communities jobs and millions in economic activity. And that kind of self-interest means some senators now refuse to do their constitutional duty on the Supreme Court vacancy.

Hopefully, I will be able to address this soon.  But I am of the unpopular opinion that term limits would hurt things rather than help.

Representative Loretta Sanchez is upset that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have decided to endorse Kamala Harris in the California Senate race.  The race is historic as there are two Democratic candidates running in the general election. She is quoted as saying, “California’s Senate seat does not belong to the political establishment – it belongs to the People of California, and I believe California voters will make their own independent choice for U.S. Senate in November.”  Hmmm…trying to take advantage of an environment to display yourself as anti-establishment? Interesting.  Of course Sanchez only needs to win Republican voters and a fraction of the Democratic voters in California to win the Senate seat.

Representative Steve Knight might not be able to hold onto his vulnerable Congressional seat.  A new poll out shows that he is only leading by 6%shows that he is only leading by 6%.  Knight snuck into the general election in 2014 by receiving 28.40% in the primary (thanks to jungle primaries).  He trailed Tony Strickland 29.58 – 28.40%.  He then won the election 53.34% – 46.66%.

Republican politicians are being asked why they are not at the Republican convention.  Representative Rod Blum is busy campaigning.