Friday’s Filibusters

I’ll admit that I liked this essay quite a bit.  Speaking of which, LGBT history will be taught in California schools.

After the child migrant crisis in 2014, the issue of immigrant children not having adequate lawyers became a salient issue.  One of the judges at the most recent hearing regarding this issue called on Congress or the courts to make a “Gideon decision” for these children.  Seems like a good time to mention that H.R. 4646 would help with this.  Currently has 88 co-sponsors, all Democrats.

Should veterans deported for minor offenses be able to return?  Progressive champion Rep. Raul Grijalva believes so.  He has introduced a bill to help these veterans.

Veterans often come back home and don’t receive services to help them adjust back to civilian life, Grijalva said, which can lead to destructive behavior such as driving under the influence and drug use. But while any other veteran would serve a sentence for such a crime and be released, those like Barajas are deported after they have served their time.

The ACLU of San Diego has published a report about veterans being deported after completing their service.